About Us


Paris ICI Architecture Design is the acronym for “Identité, Culture et Imagination”. We consider each new project as a beautiful encounter, marked by mutual listening and reciprocal complicity. Every project is the result of a collective collaboration stemming from in-depth communication with the client. It is through the professional work of the architects that the functional requirements, identity symbols, and cultural characteristics of the location are subtly expressed. At Paris ICI Architecture Design, our ambition is to create timeless bespoke projects.

Paris ICI Architecture Design engages in various projects at different scales, both in France and abroad, across all building sectors: hospitality, cultural spaces, workspaces, residential, and more. Paris ICI Architecture Design works on both new projects and renovation projects, ranging from contemporary architecture to classic French style, from exteriors to interiors, even into the object design. As for Paris ICI Architecture Design, architecture and design form an inseparable, emotional universe.

Paris ICI Architecture Design is always meticulous, serious, and persistent for each project, aiming to meet the requirements of each client. Our strength developpes from the French traditional craftsmanship and the French art of living, and we collaborate with reliable French craftsmen and creative artists, thus offering a quality à la française.

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