Architecture, Architecture Renovation

As Winston Churchill once said, “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” We do not forget the eternity of architecture and its poetry, akin to artwork integrated into our urban scale. Architecture remains an essential component of the urban environment, which is a perpetual narrator of histories.

Our profession as architects endows us with a rigorous method and a systematic approach: listening to the client, diagnosing the site, its history, and culture, studying the orientation of the sun, the programs, and volumes, identifying potential sociological and economic opportunities, always in harmony with the client’s expectations. From the sketch to the construction site, aiming to create coherence between the aesthetics and the realization of the project.

Interior Architecture

Our interior architecture service is distinctive with a personalized approach, where we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their needs, tastes, and aspirations in order to create spaces that truly reflect their identity. Each place is a pretext to create a spiritual universe: spaces with graceful proportions, soothing tones, providing absolute comfort. To invent , then settle down, to inspire.


Advice for a real estate project, whether it be on technical, aesthetic, financial, or cultural aspects… Leveraging expertise gained through experiences in previous projects, Paris ICI Architecture Design possesses a profound understanding of cultural and sociological factors in France and China. This enables Paris ICI Architecture Design to develop more precise approaches to the concept of architecture, adapted to the specificities of the locations and the clients’ objectives. Paris ICI Architecture Design accompanies the clients to complete the realization of the program.

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